Food Menu

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All cheeses paired with seasonal jam, dried fruits, caper berries and crackers


1 Cheese Plate (2 oz each) … $11
3 Cheese Plate (1.5 oz each) … $20
5 Cheese Plate (1.5 oz each) … $26

Choose from:


Milton Prairie Breeze – Slow aged, firm-bodied w/ nutty and sweet hints

Old Amsterdam Gouda – Cave-ripened with flavors of caramel and butter

Morbier Secret De Scey – Mild and creamy with vegetable ash in the center

Brillat-Savarin Affine – Triple crème with a natural, briny rind

Mahon DOP Semi-Curado – Slightly acidic and salty w/ hints of paprika

Saint Agur Blue l’Intense – Mild blue taste and smooth, creamy texture


Cypress Grove “Midnight Moon” – Nutty with hints of brown butter and caramel

Drunken Goat – Semi-soft and bathed in red wine


Manchego Semicurado DOP – Hard cheese with a firm, granular texture

Idiazabal DOP – Slightly smokey Basque country hard cheese.

Brebirousse D’Argental – Smooth and buttery with complex layers of nuttiness and milky sweetness

ADD-ONS for cheese plates

Charcuterie (choose one) … $6
Marcona almonds … $5
Tuscan table olives … $6
Cornichons … $3


Charcuterie plates are paired with crackers, cornichons, and seed style moutarde

Choice of 3 … $23

Jamon Serrano – Spanish cured ham with a firm texture and balanced salinity

Bresaola – Air dried salted beef that’s lean and tender with a hint of sweetness

Iberico Salchichion – Pork salame from the Iberico pig seasoned with paprika & sea salt

Pâté de Campagne – Country style pâté made w/ pork, sherry wine, & black pepper