Deals Deals Deals! This weekend!

On Saturday, we honor GAY PRIDE DAY! Wear rainbow colors and/or drag and get 15% off bar purchases, AND 10% off retail beer or wine.

On Sunday, we celebrate Cycle LA street closure! Walk, bike or skateboard in for 15% off all food and alcohol in the bar! Hey, you’re not driving so live it up!

Painting and Sipping in the Bar

painting and sippingJoin us on Wednesday, May 31 for Painting & Sipping in the bar. Create this image on canvas while enjoying a glass (or two!) from the wine bar!


Sign up for this event at: Use the promo code “createincolor” for $10 off!



Come see the Caliluna Quartet for free on May 20

Caliluna Quartet at Oeno Vino

An elegant blend of violin, drums, electric guitar, soothing vocals and acoustic bass, the Caliluna Quartet delivers an interpretation of jazz classics that is elaborately plush, and yet still pure and accessible.

Saturday, May 20, 8:00-10:30pm


Storytelling in the Cellar


This week’s topic: Behind the Scenes/Backstage Tales

Don’t miss the only show in May!